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packing for Christmas for troops 2019

Xmas 2019 packing Xmas 2019 packing the mascot with Karen 206123299 the group shot 206123300 our military mascot 206123301 mike brohy and juliesnn 206123302 in front of watlow building 206123303 watlow they allowed us to work out of their building 206123304 206123305 ed hickey the watlow organizer for this great day 206123306 all the workers for the postage 206123307 the mail truck 206123308 another group shot 206123309 bobbi and Elaine bobbi is the baker who organizing all the baking . and Elaine did the sales there that day 206123310 mail to go out boxes ready to go out to the troops in Nov. 2019 206123311 Mike Brohpy 206123312 inside the warehouse 206123313 good cake to honor our troops 206123314 for the k-9 units they had lots of goodies from Pets plus in Manchester,Mo. 206123315 Tom Brophy and me 206123316 watlow electric 206123317 watlow with all of us in front 206123318 mail boxes getting ready to go out to the troops Nov. 2019 206123319 group in front of Watlow 206123320 Tom Brophy and Pam Fellows 206123321 getting gifts out to pack them up 206123322 Tom and Pam again 206123323 gifts for troops 206123324 gifts for troops 206123325 boxes with mail man the gifts for troops going out. 206123326 steeleville middle school this group has come every year for about 9 years. drive over 2 hours one way at 4am to be apart of this. great people.great town. 206123327 all of us together 206123328 mail truck Jeff Fellows and mail man loading up the gifts. Pam and Jeff Fellows are in charge of the packing and organizing of the boxes to go out. 206123329